Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday WOD

Yup- not any easier getting out of bed today. In fact I believe we almost slept in, but my proposal was "IF we sleep in, we aren't making up the WOD later in the day, we just aren't working out"... so eventually both of us got our sh*t together and got out to the garage!

We had no heat this AM so we did our WOD first and our Strength set second:

2 rounds

Row 500m
Rest 1min

Row 400m
Rest 1min

Row 250m
Rest 30sec

Row 200m
Rest 1 min

Strength: Dead Lifts (or as GiGi calls them "dead weight) 

3x3 of Dead Lifts

George 1 used up all the weights in our box for his final round of Dead Lifts- SHOUT OUT WOOHOO!!!

George 2 struggled with her final weight. Been experiencing some back soreness after the DL's and it's cause I'm not sitting back enough in my heels. When George 1 corrected me it made it A LOT harder to lift the weight (which was 20lbs lighter than the last time we did 3x3). I am sure I could have and as George 1 told me I could have lifted it more and that it was all mental, but it really FELT different. Who knows, but so interesting AND frustrating all at the same time!

Tomorrow's 13.2 Open Competition Workout will be posted!!!!

Monday WOD

Hello Daylight Savings Time- WOOF!

This first week I think it's appropriate to say it FEELS as though you are getting out of bed at 4:30am and technically we are if we hadn't turned our clocks forward. Trying to be adaptable but this week may be a little tough!

Monday's WOD

Strength: Back Squats


Thrusters (65lbs/95lbs)
Pull Ups

George 1 hit a new record and lowered his previous FRAN score (which seems like it had to have been at least 6/8-12months ago) by 20/30 seconds! He finished around 5:15! GREAT performance!

George 2's performance wasn't as pretty. First time doing it Rx and finished with an 8:30. And somebody was NOT happy! Just wasn't mentally with it. Broke my first two rounds of thrusters and pull ups up at half way point. And then between rounds 2 and 3 legit had a mental breakdown, started crying and kept repeating "I don't want to do this anymore"- like I really thought quitting was an option? But I think I did.. I think I really thought if I got worked up enough "someone" would say it's OK stop or that my time would be so bad that I could justify it by the breakdown, which both were and are cop outs. Just suck it up and do it! The two positive things that came out of FRAN were that a- I did  do it Rx for the first time and b- I did my pull ups butterfly. I definitely could have done each of the butterfly sets unbroken but mentally needed to focus and just wasn't.

But by 8am I felt great and motivated to start the day so at least it didn't stay with me!

Friday, February 15, 2013

TGIF...after 6:30am

Yes, it's always TGIF on Friday's in my mind, but today I am extra glad it is TGIF-post WOD! 

Today we did our Strength Series: 
* 3x5 Push Press (with increasing our weights)
Today my last set was 80% of my 1rep max so I was excited!

* 10-7-4 strict pull ups
(1 min rest in between each set)

Then.. then....
* 100 Hang Power Cleans
And 5 burpees for every time the bar hits teh ground (i.e. you take a break)

George 2: 30 burpees (i.e. I tried to do sets of 20 and that was tough so had to break it up some 20reps; 15 reps; 10 reps). 

George 1: I think he had around 20-25 burpees

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love at First Burpee

Great Article from the Huffington Post on Bob Harper's new CrossFit Addiction! I do think it's a little much with all of his shirts, socks, etc. BUT I love that he is incorporating it into the BL. Because as George 1 and George 2 have seen it has helped us become more mentally and physically strong!

My biggest concern is form. That is because I train with George 1 and he is a stickler, but I realize how lucky I am to prevent injury by keeping a close, very close, eye on my form. And I must be responsible for it not anyone else. I must feel it!

I've been to competitions and visited other boxes where some CFitters form was AWFUL! Whether they were the  best at the gym, the worst, or in between! I've seen it all! There is something to be said for good form.

OK enough talking.... here is the article

Monday, February 4, 2013


Pre 4th WOD

4th WOD Heat 1

2nd WOD: 
Snatch, Hang Snatch, 2 OHS
New PR: 90lbs

4th WOD
Clusters (Squat Clean into a thruster)

4th WOD


WOW! Did someone mug me in a back alley and beat the crap out of me? Oh no wait, I PAID someone to make me feel this way!!!

Yup that is right, definitely feeling the 2nd day soreness from our Partner Throwdown on Saturday! This competition was a fun experience for us as we got to compete together, side-by-side! We were in the final heats for each of the events, which made it feel like you were just "waiting", but that is because the nerves and adrenaline in you want to just get out there and do it. Hey- I'd rather be in the last heat than the first, but that's just because I like to watch other's do it to see where I possibly match up or to learn from their mistakes or learn a better way to possibly do something.

The day really flowed with the workouts as they tried to move everyone along. And the bathrooms were up-to-par, phew!

Overall we ended up in 10th place out of 25 teams, so the good news is each competition we keep getting better. What we really noticed is that EVERY little rep counts!

Here are our results

Overall: 10th place. Team "Terps KG"

1st WOD (row and farmer's carry for 8 min total calories and points)
2nd place

2nd WOD (two max snatch complex's added together).
19th place

Although I PR'd and should be happy with that, the weights like this are something we are much "weaker" in compared to other CrossFitters

3rd WOD (Max Double Unders in 3 minutes)
17th place

George 2's DU KILLED us. So 2nd competition for me where the DU beat me vs. vice versa.. which is funny because it was a skill I never struggled with before

4th WOD (15-12-9 of clusters; burpee lateral jumps and pull ups)
10th place

You just wanted to plan DIE after this WOD

One thing we were talking about is that for future competitions, they should have weight classes (like wrestling) for the lifting aspect of it. I mean not so broken down, but at least something to even it out. Yes CF is "you vs you" but if you are competing it's going to be hard for some like George 2 at 120lbs to lift as much as another woman who outweighs her by 15, 20, and sometimes it looks like 30lbs!

Then we came home to celebrate Little George's birthday as a family and then apparently celebrate our day, which Sunday (and even Monday) is feeling like we celebrated a little too hard! This happened after the last competition too. Literally the only times I have been hung over (in the past few years) have been after these past 2 competitions, haha! Maybe we will learn after the next one.

So next challenge- CROSSFIT OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures and videos to follow!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Team Competion


With 5 days to go, the Competition WODs were posted last night! Which if you are a "CrossFitter" is like Christmas! In one of the videos poking fun at CrossFit a theme they keep going back to is "is the WOD up yet", because you do get obsessed with learning your fate and giving your mind time to process (or panic, ha)

 CrossFit 215 

CrossFit 215 is the host of our Partner Competition this Saturday and we will be competing at their BOX (side note: never been).  The week before the competition you're suppose to take it pretty easy, but we want to be able to practice the WODs as well. This morning we did a run through of the weights (but lower reps) and skills of each of the WODS to get familiar with the whole process and then Wed and Thurs we can focus on getting comfortable and feeling confident for Saturday!

We are competing in the "Rx" Division against 24 other teams (of two) and every team does all 4 WODs,  then they take the top 6 teams for WOD 5.

Workout #1 – Row / Farmer’s Carry @ 60lbs/45lbs
Each team will have one rower, two sets of farmer’s carries, and 8 minutes to accumulate as many calories and distance as possible.

Each calorie is one point and each quarter length of the room is one point (down and back is 8 points, approx 40m). Score is max points in 8 minutes.

Workout #2 – Snatch Complex
Teams will have 10 minutes for each athlete to establish a max effort of Snatch + Hang Snatch + 2 OHS. Score is combined weight of highest completed complex for each athlete. Immediately into….
Workout #3 – Max Double Unders in 3 minutes
Directly after the 10 minutes clock above expires...

Athletes will have 3 minutes with one athlete working at a time to complete as many DU as possible. In order to begin a DU attempt, you must do 2 pistols per leg then begin one set of unbroken DU.

Once they break the other athlete MUST go.

That next athlete must complete the same pistol buy-in. The two may alternate back and forth as many times as possible for 3 minutes. Score is total DU.

Workout #4 – 21-15-9: Squat Clean Thruster (SCT) @ 95/65, burpee lateral hops, Pull-up 
(12 min time cap)
Athlete #1 completes 21 SCT, then athlete #2 completes 21 SCT.

Athlete #1 completes 21 BLH, then athlete #2 completes 21 BLH,

Then pull-ups and then back to SCT for 15 reps, etc…

Score is time to complete workout.

Workout #5 Final – TBA
Field will be cut to top six teams. Scores will be erased and winner take all FINAL!

I'm definitely a little hesitant about The Row, The Snatch Complex, and The DU. The row I can do and with adrenaline will just figure out, but the rower just kills me (see George 1's previous blog post about me and the Krazy Lady that comes out during rowing). The Snatch Complex only because I am at a huge disadvantage with the max weight I can hold over my head for Over Head Squats. The Snatch's I have strongly improved, but  the OHS are tough for me. But George 1 gave  some good advice to just snatch and go immediately into the OHS and not thing, PLUS to KNOW myself. I basically know where I am with my OHS weight so focus on that to complete as quickly with good form since we don't have a lot of time. My last DU attempt in competition was PISS POOR to say the LEAST! However it's less than 3 minutes (because of the shared time) and all I have to do is DU. I know from last time when I got nervous I went way too high with my jumps; way to high and wide with my arms, and let my bladder have a mind of it's own. I thikn this time I will stay in control a little more! George 1 also gave me some good helpful hints for the first WOD (which we just did something similar in the Winter Warmer competition so I feel more comfortable). His recommendation was to explode off the floor and once the bar goes past my knees to basically "free fall" and get underneath of it (I was standing all the way up and exerting WAY too much energy, effort, and taking up too much time). I practiced a few times making sure my feet got off the ground and it really helped!

Looking forward to it!

- George 1